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Rotary, Reciprocating, Impact Machines and Vibration Isolation

Dr K G Bhatia

Second edition of Handbook

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Structural Dynamics
Machine Foundation

New Delhi
AIT Coimbatore

Rotary & Reciprocating Machines
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In-house Training Program

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Recent Collaboration: KMFS Engineering, Saudi Arabia, in the areas of Machine Foundation and Structural Dynamics.

Skype/Online Consultation: Available at USD $100/hour or INR Rs 2,000/hour. Please contact us for more details.

Student Consultation: Available hourly at one-fourth cost via online consultation.

Dr K G Bhatia has received Honorary Engineer award from IISEE, Japan for his contribution in Earthquake Engineering and related areas.

Earthquake Resistant Design of Industrial Systems
Training Programs 2019

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In-house Training Program

Consulting Services
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Seismic Qualification
    • Plant
    • Structures
    • Equipment
  • Machine Foundation
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Earthquake

FOUNDATIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL MACHINES: Handbook for Practising Engineers - K G Bhatia.
Contact: kgbhatia@machinefoundation.com or sales@machinefoundation.com

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