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In House Training

Training Program (In-House) on
Machine Foundation Design
Dr K G Bhatia Broad Coverage for all programs

Understanding Dynamics of Machine Foundation - (Only conceptual understanding, no mathematics); Free & forced vibration; Steady-state and Transient response; Design philosophy & Design consideration; Mathematical modelling and analysis; Application & Limitations of CAE programs for Dynamic Analysis viz. STAAD.Pro, NISA and other FE packages and their validation needs; Allowable Vibration Amplitudes/ Velocities, Case studies and Best practices.
Hands-on-Training: Design of Foundations for Real Life Machines.

Program Advantage

Improved confidence of designers ensuring better machine performance leading to Reduction in machine down time; Do's and don'ts related to machine foundation; Understanding validation needs for FE Packages.

About the faculty:
Dr K G Bhatia
B.Sc. Engg., ME, PhD
  • General Manager - Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. (BHEL)
  • President - ISET (Indian Society of Earthquake Technology)
  • Member - Research Council, Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR)
  • Member - Committee on Noise and Vibration-Dept. of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India
Dr K G Bhatia, is a well known research scientist in the field of Structural Dynamics, and an expert in the profession of Machine Foundation Design, Seismic Qualification, Failure Analysis, Weight Optimization. He has over 35 years of industry experience. Dr Bhatia has carried out machine foundation design and conducted field studies on many machines and their foundations for various projects. It is this rich experience which Dr Bhatia has brought out in form a Handbook (see below). He shares this experience with Practising Engineers, Students, Academicians, Researchers and Industry in general during such training programs and Workshops. The program covers basic fundamentals of vibration analysis, modeling, analysis and design aspects. Various Case Studies of real life machines, problems and solutions backed up by field measurements are also discussed.

Foundations for Industrial Machines - Handbook for Practising Engineers
D-CAD Publishers, New Delhi
ISBN: 978-81-906032-2-5
Pages:860, Hard Bound, 2.0 kg kgbhatia@machinefoundation.com

Foundations for Industrial Machines - Handbook for Practising Engineers


Program 0: (Mandatory) Understanding Dynamics of Machine Foundation -Basic understanding only; No mathematics
Program 1: Design of Block Foundations
Program 2: Design of Frame Foundations
Program 3: Vibration Isolation System for Block Foundations
Program 4: Machines Supported on Building/Structural Floors
Program 5: Vibration of Machine Foundations - Causes, Diagnosis & Remedies
Program 6: Design of Foundations for Hammers

Each program is an independent one-day program. For detailed coverage of each program please click on the respective program above.

Program 0 is mandatory with option to book any other or all programs.

Minimum 2 programs are mandatory for In-House training.

Industry can choose the programs of its interest and plan number of programs accordingly.

Number of Participants - Unlimited

PROGRAMS WITHIN INDIA: INR 1,50,000 for 2-day program and INR 50,000 for every additional program. Taxes @ 18% are extra.

PROGRAMS OUTSIDE INDIA: USD 3,000 for 2-day program and USD 1,000 for every additional program. Taxes @ 18% are extra.
* Travel and local hospitality (boarding, lodging etc.) payable as per actuals by the host company.
* All infrastructure facilities like projector, screen, tea/coffee, snacks, lunch etc. are to be arranged by host company.

1. Two copies of the handbook for 2-day program "Foundations for Industrial Machines - Handbook for Practising Engineers" by K G Bhatia.
Additional one copy for every additional 1-day program
2. Hardcopy of Full Handout material

Open House programs for individual participation are also organised from time to time. Such announcements are placed on website. For participation, please contact the training coordinator as below.
Training Coordinator: Mr. Nakul Joshi
D-CAD Technologies, 158, Vardhman Grand Plaza, Mangalam Place, Dist. Center, Sect-3, Rohini, 110085, INDIA
Ph: +91-9810013428, e-mail: training@machinefoundation.com