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About Structures Book

About the Book
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The contents of this book are designed to provide a conceptual approach to the analysis of static and/or kinematic indeterminate structures using both classical and modern matrix techniques in such a way as to maintain a transitional link between them. Whilst, these matrix based powerful computational techniques have become the mainstream of modern structural analysis it is still believed that the essential concepts of structural deformation are being overlooked during the switch over process from classical methods. The classical methods still suffice in a majority of cases and their mastery is in fact a pre -requisite to the design and proportioning of the members of a structure and to a fundamental understanding of the modern computational techniques included in the book.

The contents of various chapters have been so arranged as to maintain the continuity of various methods of structural analysis. An introductory chapter on dynamic analysis has been included because the design of earthquake resistant structures is becoming essential. This chapter provides an insight to finding the response of structures subjected to time varying loads like those due to earthquakes, winds and blast effects. This is generally not found in other text books.

Every chapter contains a large number of solved examples. Tutorial exercises in the form of projects are recommended instead of standard exercises at the end of each chapter. This new idea will give teachers the freedom to impart their own experience to students and, will provide an incentive to engineers and students to tackle practical problems later on in their profession. The contents of the book will form both an advance or a major level course of structural analysis at the undergraduate level and a regular course for the post graduate students of structural and architectural engineering stream. Practicing design and consulting engineers will find this book very helpful in their profession.